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Attendee Profile

DLA Energy Worldwide Energy Conference offers an unparalleled opportunity for your company to gain visibility and forge relationships with influential purchasers responsible for more than $11 billion in energy procurement annually.

Gain Face-to-Face Access to Decision Makers from Across the Entire Energy Supply Spectrum*

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DLA Employee 54%
Active Duty Military 21%
Industry 20%
DoD/Other Government 5%

U.S. Air Force 54%
U.S. Army 16%
U.S. Navy 13%
U.S. Marine Corps 12%
Other DoD 5%

Attendees by Job Type

Energy Acquisition 28%
Business Support 23%
Business Systems 10%
Facilities Sustainment 10%
Customer Operations 9%
Quality and Technical 7%
Fuel Operations 7%
Service Control Point 4%
Small Business 1%

Primary Areas of Interest

Bulk Petroleum Products 40%
Petroleum Supply Chain Svcs/Infrastructure 24%
Ground Fuels 13%
Installation Energy (Electricity, Gas, Renewable) 9%
Utility Services 8%
Aerospace Energy 6%

* 2019 attendee registration data